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Punta – The proper name for this dance is Bunda; Bunda is a Mande word which means buttocks. Bunda (Punta) is the most popular dance performed at wakes, holidays, parties and other social events. Dancing as couples, men and women try to outdo each other with the best hip, buttocks and foot movement and style to the polyrhythmic beat of the drums. Everyone takes turn and the competitive spirit is high. Bunda (Punta) lyrics are usually composed by women.

Hungu-hungu – This may have come to us from the Egungun of the Yoruba. Egungun is an ancestral cult of the Yoruba (Encyclopaedia Brittanica); it is also the manifestation of the Spirit of an Ancestor on earth. Among the Garifuna people, Hungu-hungu is a circular dance which is the secular version of the uguleindu of the sacred ritualistic ceremony, the ‘Dugu’, the Garifuna feast of the ancestors. Drums play a simple three-beat rhythm and everyone sings in unison in response to the lead singer. Songs are composed by individuals.

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